Looking after children's dental health

We all want the best in life for our children, and taking good care of their dental health in their early years makes a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums a reality for them. It’s a wonderful gift to give them, and you can do it for your child by following the simple steps laid out below and in the Healty Teeth for life booklet (click to view or print) .

The two main dental diseases that people encounter in life are tooth decay and gum disease. Both of these are preventable. As a parent, the earlier you start to lay the foundation for lifelong dental health for your child, the easier it will be to achieve. We have two young children ourselves, so we are aware of some of the many challenges that parents may face. We can help to support you in safeguarding your child’s precious dental health by providing the information and services that you need to do this, now and in the future.

Every person who is involved in your child’s day to day care has their part to play in maintaining and protecting their dental health. That includes crèches, childminders, family members, playschools and schools. Please tell them about this resource so that they can be involved and support your efforts. Tell your friends, as it will be easier for you to make healthy choices for your children, if your friends and their children do too. Here are the three core guidelines to follow for safeguarding your child’s dental health:



Bring your child to a dentist straight away if his/her teeth are accidentally banged or damaged. 

If any adult tooth is knocked out, follow these simple steps:

Find the tooth;
Put it back in the socket if you can
If this is not possible place it in a cup of cold milk - DON'T WASH IT:,
Go to your dentist immediately.



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